Monday, July 25, 2005

The Universal Tourist - Capture Your Holiday Moments for the Hayward

Did the waiter write back?
Ever splashed out on a shell ornament?
Want two weeks on Mars?
Photograph your first Pina Colada?

The Hayward Gallery and award-winning filmmakers Chocolate Films are making a film that captures the essence of the tourist experience, be it a weekend in Blackpool or return flights to space. Share your magic moments, quirky souvenirs and travellers’ tales with us

Take a trip to the Hayward Gallery’s Universal Tourist multimedia studio between 08 - 22 Oct 2005 and we will copy your film, snaps and super 8, photograph your souvenirs, record your stories and let you try blue screen technology

You can send film and photographs direct to the filmmakers. For more information and a submission form visit or call 020 7978 2668

Participants will receive a £2 discount on tickets for the Hayward Gallery exhibition Universal Experience: Art, Life and the Tourist's Eye, 06 Oct - 11 Dec 2005 and an invitation to the première at the National Film Theatre on 10 Dec 2005

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The Universal Tourist is part of See Through, an education programme supported by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation