Friday, April 28, 2006

Le Merveilleux

Oh My God! I Miss You.. presents

Upstairs at Hayward
Saturday 20th May
9pm - 1am

In celebration of The Hayward Gallery’s Undercover Surrealism exhibition Oh My God! I Miss You... will be transforming one of the upper galleries for an evening.

We ask you to creep through the dark and dirty streets with us, into the arms of lovers, murderous seductresses, Showgirls and drunken wretches….

Revive your Joie de Vivre in our dusty old Victorian theatre, with acts from our green eyed peacock Delilah, Mademoiselle Marianne Gâteau au fromage or Cheesecake as she’s better known! Our haunting temptress Pangelina, and a special Parisian surprise from our ‘Oh my God! I Miss You…’ girls plus lots MORE! MORE! MORE!

CAN-CAN DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! To our legendary ‘Oh my God! I miss you…’ DJ Monsieur Fantomas (aka DJ Bob Hoskins as a frightful Parisian Dandy) as he winds up a mixture of 1920s gems, modern classics, showtunes and oddball delights……

Dress dastardley: can-can girls,Courtesans,sweeping cloaks, smoldering femme fatals, Dali, furs, popinjays, showgirls, herroines, smoking jackets, murderous fiends, flappers, sailors, handlebar moustaches, lobsters, top hats, beared brutes, Showman, Tutankhamen's curse, Howard Carter.......

There are a limited number of free tickets for See Through card holders please e-mail for more information

For more information check out the Time Out preview