Thursday, March 01, 2007

. [ dot ] party at the Hayward

Doors Open 6.00pm

6. 15 - 7.00 Film Showcase
A selection of films made by Lambeth residents as part of Digital Dialogues

7.00 DJ Nick Luscombe
Eclectic sounds from the Resonance FM DJ

8.00 Barby Asante and the Funk Chorus
Are you ready to funk?

8.20 DJ Nick Luscombe

9.30 Magic 8
Indie-pop magic

10.00 Addictive TV
An audio-visual breakbeat mash up


Get your photo taken by Ben Johnson in the Hayward Photostudio (6pm - 9pm)

Get it off your chest with Talkaoke (7pm - 8pm and 8.30pm - 10.30pm)

Visit the Existential Computing showcase in Dan Graham's Waterloo Sunset Pavilion

Visuals by Neasden Control Centre and Robin Tarbet

Plus films and images from Digital Dialogues workshops